Taco Week | Vote For Your Favorite Featured Taco Item!

Welcome to Chattanooga Taco Week, where we're on a quest to discover the city's favorite $5 Featured Taco Item! Here's how you can be a part of the Taco-picking excitement:

  1. Indulge and Rate: Throughout the week, as you savor each $5 Featured Taco Item, share your feedback by rating them. Your ratings will play a crucial role in crowning Chattanooga's favorite Taco Week featured Item

  2. Simple Selection: Just select the restaurant below and choose your rating. It's easy, quick, and helps us determine the Taco champion!


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‚ÄčLet's celebrate Chattanooga's vibrant Taco scene together and discover the ultimate flavorful perfection. Happy Taco tasting!


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